I first became interested in photography in high school some 30 years ago, although I primarily only took “snap-shots” until the mid 90's when I started getting serious about my photography and started entering contests and submitting images for publication. I also made a career change at about the same time which allowed me more freedom to travel and to pursue my interest in scenic photography.

In the middle 70’s I bought my first 35mm SLR camera, a Canon Ftb which was fully manual. I have had at least 7 Canon bodies since that time and currently use the Canon 1D Mark IIn, 5D Mark II and the 40D camera as a back-up. I find the digital cameras to be enormously fun and informative to shoot with and the instantaneous display is very gratifying as well.

Primarily my subjects were macros and landscapes but as my photography skills progressed I found myself shooting more and more avian subjects, I now find that approximately 75% of my photography involves birds.

I showcase some of my newest images on www.naturescapes.net an online nature website where the photography is awe-inspiring and the image critiques have helped my photography tremendously!

Publication Credits
Nature Photographer Magazine
Birder's World Magazine
Sandlapper Magazine
Black River Publishing
Natures Best 2000

Numerous photo contests
US Forest Service
US National Park Service
BirdWatching Magazine
DK Publishing Inc., "Eyewitness Travel - Chile"
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